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Caire Companion 5 Home Oxygen Concentrator - Overview

A continuous flow oxygen concentrator by Caire Inc., Companion 5 can produce up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute (LPM). Its ultraSILENT Technology and straightforward user interface make it the ideal choice for patients. Just press the on/off button to start the oxygen treatment. The Caire Companion 5 is 40 dBA at 2 LPM, which is about as loud as a calm library. To notify users of any operating concerns, the control panel has LED indicators, a flow control knob, and loud alarms. Intake noise is muffled by a sophisticated combination of an intake filter and a two-chamber muffler. The exhaust gas is silenced by the purge muffler to a noise level of 40dBA at 2 LPM which easily goes unnoticed.

The metal cannula barb provides a secure connection and each unit comes with a humidifier bottle attachment. If you require humidification, simply place the humidifier bottle on the stand and secure it with the built-in elastic strap. Attach the humidifier to the cannula barb on the device and attach your nasal cannula to the humidifier lid to receive proper airflow.

The Caire Companion 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator also offers Caire autoFLOW technology which reduces power by 15% making it one of the most energy-efficient stationary oxygen concentrators. While running at 2LPM, the unit will use about 250 watts of electricity. Even at the highest setting, when it is working its hardest, it doesn't use over 350 watts of electricity.

Caire Companion 5 Oxygen Concentrator - Durability

The Companion 5 oxygen concentrator offers a rugged exterior with a built-in top handle, as well as four sturdy casters, allowing this 36 pound device to easily move from room to room. Care Companion 5 is equipped with autoFLOW technology that optimizes oxygen flow for patients. This technology allows the oxygen concentrator to draw less power than traditional units, reduce the overall operating temperature, and ultimately extend the life of the machine. The high-capacity compressor improves the longevity of all major components of the device. Thanks to the rugged design, the Caire Companion 5 concentrator only requires service once every two years.

Caire Companion 5 is also equipped with high-capacity sieve beds and moisture-resistant MGB SecoBlen sieve mixture which improves the quality of this device. To further improve the life of the components, the autoFLOW technology which is variable valve timing based on flow rate which also optimizes the overall performance of this oxygen concentrator. The autoFLOW technology improves the performance by significantly reducing power draw, decreasing the operating temperature and providing cooling, and also reducing the wear on the compressor by 25% at 2LPM.

Caire Companion 5 Oxygen Concentrator - Service

Caire Companion 5 requires service every 2 years. An optional gross particle filter is available for purchase. This filter further refines air quality received during therapy. The device has a large legible hour meter which shows diagnostic alarm codes, allowing you to call for help diagnosing any issue, perhaps saving unnecessary service visits.

The Caire Companion 5 Oxygen Concentrator includes three LED indicators and audible alarms to alert the user of any system errors. The indicators are green, yellow, and red. Common alarms include low oxygen, no power, and system malfunction. Reference the user manual to troubleshoot these alarms. If problems persist, contact our knowledgeable customer care team for assistance.

Caire Companion 5 - Product Highlights

  • Caire Companion 5 Home Oxygen Concentrator delivers 0.5 to 5.0 LPM of continuous flow oxygen, in 0.5LPM increments.
  • Easy access to intake filter, maintenance required only every 2 years.
  • Quiet operation, only 40 dBA at 2LPM, making it easier to sleep while using the Companion 5.
  • Compact size easily fits into most areas in your home, equipped with durable casters and top handle for easy movability.
  • A single lumen cannula with 7-foot tubing, with a maximum of 50 feet oxygen tubing, is recommended to ensure proper breath detection and oxygen delivery.
  • Compatible with most CPAP/BiPAP machines

Caire Companion 5 Home Concentrator - Provider Features

  • Performance optimization through autoFLOW??Technology
  • Unique design and advanced technology
  • Easy access to the filter door
  • Maintenance interval of 2 years
  • Hour meter for accessing diagnostic alarm codes
  • Modular design and lesser internal components
  • Easily serviceable
  • Delivered air goes through multiple levels of filtration
  • An additional gross particle filter is also available.

Caire Companion 5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator - Patient Features

  • A compact body which can easily fit in any home
  • Less power draw
  • Easily accessible humidifier stand
  • Easy to read and use controls and alarms

Caire Companion 5 - Safety Features

  • High flow alarm to indicate flow blockage and prevent overdraw
  • Oxygen monitor
  • Fire-proof plastic in the body
  • Relief valve for compressor pressure
  • Cannula barb made of robust metal
  • Flow Meter

Caire Companion 5 Oxygen Concentrator - In The Box

  • Caire Companion 5 unit
  • Cannula
  • User Manual
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